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We created a purpose-built facility to do live streaming interviews, professional Zoom calls and YouTube content because it shouldn't be so difficult to do a talking-head video. You should be able to show up, sit down and start streaming. Afterwards, get an edited copy to share on YouTube or your favourite video platform. No complicated setup, no clean up, no fuss.

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W3bWednesday: BNV - Emerging trends in online identity, digital fashion and more.

08 June 2022 - 17:00

Join us for the new W3b Weds interview with Richard Hobbs, Founder & CEO of BNV.me, leading the global charge on digital fashion and beautifully designed wearables from Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.

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Health TVCovid, monkeypox, what are the lab coats worried about next?20 June 2022 19:00Register


Book and brief

Drop us an email and tell us what you want to do. We will do a call with you to take a brief. We'll need to know whether it's simple presentation on PowerPoint or whether you have multiple speakers and videos you want to show. Are you happy to sit and chat at desk or do you want us to build a set?


Show up, and shoot

If it's a simple Zoom call, simply show up 30 minutes before so you are relaxed and ready to roll. If you have multiple speakers and lots of different decks and animations and graphics, we will schedule a rehearsal so everyone knows what they're doing and expecting.


Share the recording

Once the session is over, we can provide the raw footage from each camera to you or provide you with an edited version for you to share with colleagues or to put onto your website or video hosting platform.

Ditch the grainy webcam

See for yourself

Doing Zoom calls with a nice shirt and underpants is great, we did it for two and half years, but sometimes you just have to level up. Our studio is equipped with Blackmagic Studio 4K cameras purpose built for live broadcast as well as professional studio lighting and microphones and full hair and makeup station for those times a grainy webcam picture is just not going to cut it.Check it out for yourself in the interview below between Napoleon Biggs, from Web Wednesday live from our studio (left) and Sergey Vasylchuk of Everstake, Zooming in from a laptop in Florida.

Quick start



Our starting Zoom package includes everything you need for a professional-looking Zoom call, perfect for a town hall or interview.

  • One hour live time

  • One speaker

  • Camera operator

Get in touch


Give as much information as you can and we will be in touch within the day to confirm the details.

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